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C1 C4

Broadcom BCM2835
700 MHz ARM1176JZF-S core
VideoCore IV 250 MHz
LPDDR2 512MB(shared with GPU)

Smsc LAN9512
USB 2.0 to 10/100
Ethernet Controllers with 2-port USB2.0 Hub
5V to 3.3V Linear Regulator 1A
DSI connector(15 pin raw lcd interface)
CSI connector(15 pin camera interface)
Used to connect the official Raspberry Pi Camera.
HDMI Conector
220uF Capacitor
USB Micro B female
RCA output
P2 audio plug
Dual USB
C1 100nF
C2 1nF
C3 100nF
C4 100nF
C5 100nF
C7 10nF
C8 100nF
C9 47uF Polarized Tantalum Capacitor
C10 10nF
C11 47uF Polarized Tantalum Capacitor
C12 100nF
C13 10nF
C14 1nF
C15 10uF
C16 10uF
C17 10uF
C18 1uF
C19 100pF
C20 33nF
C20 33nF
C21 22nF
C22 15pF
C23 15pF
C24 15pF
C25 15pF
C26 33nF
C27 1uF
C28 100nF
C29 4.7uF
C30 Rev. 1.0 only
C31 Rev. 1.0 only
C32 47uF
Polarized Tantalum Capacitor
R1 1.8K Ohm
R2 1.8K Ohm
R11 47K Ohm
R13 1.8K Ohm
R12 47K Ohm
R14 1.8K Ohm
R15 10K Ohm
R16 240 Ohm
R17 8.2K Ohm
R18 3.9K Ohm
R19 10K Ohm
R20 150 Ohm
R21 270 Ohm
R22 49,9 Ohm
R23 49,9 Ohm
R24 49,9 Ohm
R25 10 Ohm
R26 150 Ohm
R27 270 Ohm
R28 49,9 Ohm
C97 100nF
L1 BLM18AG121 EMI Filter(Ferrite Bead) 120 Ohm
L2 BLM18AG121 EMI Filter(Ferrite Bead) 120 Ohm
L3 BLM18AG601 EMI Filter(Ferrite Bead) 600 Ohm
L4 BLM18AG601 EMI Filter(Ferrite Bead) 600 Ohm
RG1 SE8117T18 1,8V Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
RG3 LP2980 2,5V Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator
D1 BAT54 - Schottky Diode
D2 Rclamp0524P - Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Array
D3 Rclamp0524P - Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Array
D4 BAV99 - Small Signal Diode
D18 BAV99 - Small Signal Diode
ACT LED(green)
Connected to GPIO16 through 1K Ohm resistor(R35), usually shows SD Card access.
PWD LED(red)
Connected to 3.3V through 1K Ohm resistor(R34), shows if board is power on.
FDX LED(green)
Connected to n_FDX_LED(pin 20) of LAN9512, shows if a full duplex lan is connected.
LNK LED(green)
Connected to n_LNKA_LED(pin 21) of LAN9512, blink off on activity of lan.
100 LED(yellow)
Connected to n_SPD_LED(pin 22) of LAN9512, shows if a 100Mbit lan is connected.
P6 header
Shorting the two pins will reset the CPU and can also wake the board from shutdown state.
IC1 NC7WZ17 - UHS Dual Buffer with Schmitt Trigger Inputs
TP1 Pin
Connected to 5V line, can be used together with TP2 to measure the voltage of this line.
TP2 Pin
Connected to GND line, can be used together with TP1 to measure the voltage of this line.
P2 Header(8 pin)
VideoCore JTAG
P3 Header(7 pin)
P5 Header(8 pin)
PIN1 - 3.3V
PIN2 - 5V
PIN4 - 5V
PIN11 - GPIO17
PIN13 - GPIO27
PIN15 - GPIO22
PIN16 - GPIO23
PIN17 - 3.3V
PIN18 - GPIO24
PIN22 - GPIO25
PIN24 - GPIO8(CE0)
PIN26 - GPIO7(CE1)
750mA Polyfuse
SD Card Slot
25Mhz Xtal connected on LAN9512
19.2Mhz Xtal connected on BCM2835
R31 1K Ohm
R32 1K Ohm
R33 1K Ohm
R34 1K Ohm
R35 1K Ohm
R36 Model A only
R37 Model A only
R38 12K Ohm
R39 1M Ohm
R40 10K Ohm
R41 12.4K Ohm
R42 1.6K Ohm
R43 1.6K Ohm
R44 15 Ohm
R45 33 Ohm
R46 33 Ohm
R47 33 Ohm
R48 33 Ohm
R49 33 Ohm
R50 33 Ohm
R51 0 Ohm
C33 100nF
C34 10uF
C35 100nF
C36 100nF
C37 100nF
C38 100nF
C39 100nF
C40 100nF
C41 33pF
C42 100nF
C43 100nF
C44 100nF
C45 100nF
C46 100nF
C47 100nF
C48 10uF
C49 4.7uF
C50 100nF
C51 33pF
C52 100nF
C53 100nF
C54 100nF
C55 1uF
C56 1uF
C57 4.7uF
C58 220nF
C59 220nF
C60 100nF
C61 56pF
C62 100nF
C63 220nF
C64 100nF
C65 220nF
C66 220nF
C67 220nF
C68 220nF
C69 220nF
C70 100nF
C71 100nF
C72 100nF
C73 220nF
C74 27pF
C75 100nF
C76 220nF
C77 100nF
C78 220nF
C79 220nF
C80 100nF
C81 100nF
C82 1uF
C83 100nF
C84 100nF
C85 220nF
C86 27pF
C87 100nF
C88 220nF
C89 100nF
C90 1uF
C91 100nF
C92 220nF
C93 220nF
C94 100nF
C95 4.7uF
C96 100nF
D12 BAV99 - Small Signal Diode
D13 BAV99 - Small Signal Diode
D14 BAV99 - Small Signal Diode
D15 BAV99 - Small Signal Diode
D16 BAV99 - Small Signal Diode
D17 SMBJ - Transient Voltage Suppression Diode
L5 Inductor 1uH LQM2HP_G0
L6 BLM15AG601 - EMI Filter(Ferrite Bead) 600 Ohm
L7 BLM15AG601 - EMI Filter(Ferrite Bead) 600 Ohm
L8 BLM15AG601 - EMI Filter(Ferrite Bead) 600 Ohm